Your Dealership Experience

Your Dealership Experience™ Program

Car shoppers consult multiple online sources prior to purchase. Most dealer sites focus on price and inventory. Yet the customer experience is also a factor in choosing a dealership. It can be an even stronger differentiator and influencer than price.

What does the YOUR DEALERSHIP EXPERIENCE program consist of?

Mercedes of Anaheim CommercialsProfessional Tier 1 quality commercials about your unique customer experience, told by your team and your customers. After ‘meeting’ you, prospects will be ready to walk in the door.

Customized Commercial PackageEach customized package includes assets suited to your needs, such as: web, 30-sec TV,15-sec pre-roll, and promotional offers.

TV commercialCommercials are designed to appeal to your specific target group and sales objectives.

You Tube ChannelTake a look at many dealerships who have used our program successfully.

What are dealers saying about the YOUR DEALERSHIP EXPERIENCE program?

“New customers are walking in, because the advertising captures the authentic Anaheim experience, rather than emphasizing price like everyone else. In fact I think our CSI goes up before they even visit.”
— David Sims, Mercedes-Benz of Anaheim

“Working with ALP was easy. Their turn-key product was the perfect answer to our needs.”
— Craig Feltman, President, Feltman & Associates (Mercedes-Benz of Anaheim's advertising agency).

“The YOUR DEALERSHIP EXPERIENCE program has become an essential component of our marketing toolbox. Prospects like WHAT they see and WHO they see in this presentation, which connects our brand and the OEM we represent.”
— Steve Quinn, Quinn Automotive (BMW)

“Not only did we get a truly one-of-a-kind video, but we engaged our employees, our customers, and our community to bring out the fun of the MINI brand and our store.”
— Lindsey Graser, Dorschel Auto Group (MINI)

How soon can I get the YOUR DEALERSHIP EXPERIENCE program?

It takes only 2-4 weeks with milestones and gateways to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Who will I be working with?

The YOUR DEALERSHIP EXPERIENCE program is produced by the award-winning automotive communication experts at ALP Communications. Influencing sales through communication since 1975, ALP has worked with the world's leading automotive manufacturers.

The process is turn-key for you or your advertising agency.

What does it cost?

The YOUR DEALERSHIP EXPERIENCE program delivers outstanding value for money. It is gaining OEM acceptance for co-op participation. It highlights your special benefits and brings prospects into your facility.

—Brand image and CI executed consistently and correctly.
—Guaranteed to be co-op compliant.
—Delivered ready for website, mobile, social media, pre-roll, and local TV.

Why should I act now?

In a tough market it's important to market your most competitive assets...your loyal customers and the most innovative and effective ways.


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